ONE OK ROCK Ambitions Japan Dome Tour Merchandise Unboxing

Uploaded on Sunday 22 April 2018


Hello, everyone! I recently received the package containing my ONE OK ROCK Ambitions Japan Dome Tour merchandise. I pre ordered it last February and it was delivered this April. Oh boy, my inner fan girl was screaming in joy and excitement as I opened the package.

ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese rock band and is currently doing their dome tour around Japan. Actually, today is the last day of their tour which took place at the Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome.

Of course, along their tour are their tour merchandise. Sadly, I can’t go to Japan to watch their concerts because I don’t have enough money to travel. I am so broke right now. (Haha!) But thankfully, there’s still a way to celebrate the dome tour—and that is through the tour merchandise! Fans living outside Japan can still feel like they’re on the concert by purchasing the items.

I was able to buy two baller bracelets, one shirt, and a parka (jacket). The ballers I got are white and black, while the black shirt was the shirt C (black) on the merchandise list. I won’t be including the price of each nor my total expenses but I’ll say it’s quite expensive. (Lol!) Anyway, I am so happy and surprised because Toru (ONE OK ROCK’s leader and guitarist) was wearing the merchandise shirt with the design the same as the one I ordered. Toru and I got same taste. Oh yes! *Squeals in Japanese*

I know it’s currently summer but I bought the parka too. Why? Because the design is so cute! I know I can use it one day. Better be prepared for the future! (Haha!) So that’s basically it. I like how the items were neatly packed and got descriptions on them (even the ballers) unlike those which were sold during their Manila concert.

Maybe I’ll just wear these items once or twice a year to keep its quality. (Haha!)

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