Other Among Others - Otro entre Otros

Uploaded on Friday 5 March 2010


Gustavo was the son every Jewish family would love to have. He attended the “schule” and went through his bar-mitzvah, so his parents hoped he would marry a Jewish girl according to the Jewish ritual to finally give them granddaughters.
One day Gustavo told his friends about his being gay, and they simply did not get it.
So he thought his family would. Bus his mom got depressed when she found the love letters he had written to his partner, Jorge. And Gustavo moved away from his people.

Daniel longs for being a dad. But on account of his homosexuality, he cannot picture himself as one yet, so he is concerned about his continuity.

Dan is an artist. As a gay, he felt more discriminated at Jewish community schools than at public schools. Then he realized how odd it was, to be segregated by the ones who are often segregated in turn.

Diego is an architect. And he is also trying to build some space for gay people within the Jewish community.

Other Among Others is a documentary film that portrays the lives of at least four gay members of the Jewish community in Argentina –the biggest in Latin America-, who ventured to face the camera and show their personal realities.


Language: Spanish

Length: 3 min.

Country: Argentina

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