Part 1- Egyptian Danny Aziz

Uploaded on Monday 16 May 2011


In 1990, Egyptian Danny Aziz came to America to compete in an international Tae-Kwon-Do tournament. After the event ended he decided not to go back with the Egyptian National team to his country. He began his bouncing career at an Irish bar in Manhattan called Boxers. On his first day of work, a huge fight broke out in the bar. His martial art skills helped him break up the altercation and earned him a bouncing position. Danny speaks about his experiences while working the VIP deck at the China Club and meeting celebrities when working the club scene. He discusses the special suit jacket he wore with all the pockets. He used these pockets to hold all the tips he was able to make on the VIP deck on busy Monday nights.


Language: English

Length: 6min

Country: United States

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