Persephone Trailer

Uploaded on Tuesday 1 January 2013


"Althea prayed instantly to the gods, Being grieved for her brother’s slaying;
And furthermore instantly beat with her hands, Upon the all-nurturing earth, calling upon Hades and dread Persephone!"

And so our tale begins with Persephone being wakened in the Underworld by the wails and pounding of the grief stricken, calling upon her to return their loved ones to the world of the living.

Our web series (a retelling of the myth of Persephone) is in four parts, and set in a fairy tale like landscape with a stone tower prison in the Underworld, a wooden staircase through the forest leading her up to the sun, and tall grasses that hide wisps guiding Persephone to her fate - her cycle of life and death. Along the way she meets Primavera across the river Styx, is riddled by an Enchantress - as Oedipus was the Sphynx. She confronts her greatest fears, shedding her skin as the Deer Queen - the Queen of the shades in the forest - for that of daughter and goddess of Spring. And then must find the courage and strength to bring upon death and winter, or refuse and change the course of humankind forever. Hades and Demeter both vie for the one they love, and fight to hold together the worlds they the have created and rule.


Language: English

Length: 1:49

Country: United States