PERSEPHONE Web Series - #6 The FLight

Uploaded on Tuesday 12 November 2013


For Episode 7: The Deer Queen Ascends -

In Episode 6 Persephone, continues her ascent from the Underworld. Along the way she encounters the shades, including a lost loved one.

Persephone is an eight part web-series following the mythological character as she ascends from the Underworld through a treacherous fairytale-like landscape.

In our web series, Persephone confronts her greatest fears, shedding her skin as the Deer Queen - the Queen of the shades in the forest - for that of daughter and goddess of Spring. And then must find the courage and strength to bring upon death and winter, or refuse and change the course of humankind forever. Hades and Demeter both vie for the one they love, and fight to hold together the worlds they the have created and rule.


Language: English

Length: 4:00

Country: United States