Popeye the Sailor Man in Cops is Always Right

Uploaded on Friday 15 August 2014


A big, beefy cop is controlling traffic at an intersection. The film opens with Popeye's law-abiding proclamation at the same time that he plows his jalopy of a car into the police officer in front of Olive Oyl's apartment house. The cop writes Popeye a ticket and yells at him to get moving.

Popeye drives away to Olive Oyl's house. Upstairs, Olive Oyl is washing dishes, wiping each one by flipping it on her rump and twisting. There's great animation in these scenes, with cutaway backgrounds of Popeye climbing the stairs through the apartment house and a bird's-eye view of Popeye as Olive insists that he "make the bedroom the parlor and the parlor the bedroom." Olive asks Popeye to move some of her furniture around, which he accomplishes by wrapping the furniture in each room in its rug and tossing them into the other room. She then asks him to put a big, heavy chest into her closet, which results in it falling with Popeye through several levels of the apartment building. She then asks him to move her piano, but when he has her help by getting underneath, he hears the cop in the street yelling, and he lets the piano fall on her, resulting in her getting tangled up with the piano's mechanism.

During the entire exchanges with Olive Oyl, Popeye repeatedly offends the police officer by continuing to park his car in the wrong spots. These gags include parking by a fire hydrant and parking in front of a firehouse. Popeye lets a flowerpot fall from the apartment window, knocking out the cop below.

Finally, Popeye gives up trying to respect the law entirely, and, conscience-stricken, he places the police officer and himself in his jalopy, driving both of them to the police station. He locks himself into a jail cell while tooting his pipe with a play on a line from his own famous song: "I always respects the law 'cause I'm Popeye the sailor man!"


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