Prince Pat Martial Arts Champion at The New york internatioanal Film Festival

Uploaded on Sunday 5 June 2011


Price Pat shows his title belt at the new York international film festival.

One of the great pleasures involved in regulated martial arts and combat sports around the world is the opportunity to embrace diverse cultures and to help contribute to the sports growth in a global sense.

ISKA sanctioned a Super Cruiserweight Full Contact World title bout contested in Asaba, Nigeria last week. In order to provide our readers with a full sense of the cultural importance of this event we've provided below the official report as recorded by the Royal Family Scribe.

To The Public:


We, the people, do hereby declare that Crown Warrior Prince Punchin Pat A.I. Nwamu, aka the Young King (Eze Wanta), is officially the strongest man in Asaba’s 5 quarters Kingdom, Nigeria. We also believe that our Young King (Eze Wanta) who we call Prince PAIN, is the toughest King in the world. On Saturday, January 22, 2011, history was made. Eze Wanta, live and in person, promoted, fought for, and won the
International Sports Karate Association’s (ISKA) Super Cruiserweight Professional Full Contact Kickboxing Championship of the World.

According to the ISKA:

• There has NEVER been a member of a Royal Family to fight for and win the ISKA
Super Cruiserweight Professional Full Contact Kickboxing World Title.
• This was the FIRST Professional Full Contact ISKA World Championship Super
Cruiserweight Kickboxing match to EVER be held in Nigeria or on the continent of
• This was the FIRST time a former Super Cruiserweight World Champion Professional
Boxer, would fight for and win the ISKA Super Cruiserweight World Championship
Professional Full Contact Kickboxing Title.
• Prince Patrick A.I Nwamu is the FIRST Nigerian American to EVER fight for and win
the ISKA Super Cruiserweight World Championship Professional Full Contact Kickboxing

According to the Nigerian Ministry of Sports:
• Prince Patrick A.I. Nwamu is the FIRST Nigerian American to win any Kickboxing
world title EVER.
• Prince Patrick A.I. Nwamu is the FIRST Nigerian American, or person, to promote a
World Championship Kickboxing match, of any style, in Nigeria. b_150_0_16777215_0___images_stories_pat2small.jpg

Dakoru Dakoru was our young King’s opponent. He is known as one of Nigeria’s top/toughest Super Cruiserweight Kickboxers and the way he aggressively attacked the
Prince for 10 rounds, while absorbing countless left-legged roundhouse kicks to the stomach and chest, showed why he was so feared. He had an intimidating face full of scars which would immediately let you know that this man was a fighter. It was his first opportunity for a World Title shot and you could see the hunger and determination in his attack. Dakoru Dakoru was a strong worthy opponent that came to
fight, but unfortunately for him, the world’s toughest King was prepared to dish out whatever it took to make his Kingdom proud; which he did.

Prince Punchin Pat Nwamu aka Prince PAIN defeated Dakoru Dakoru by 10 round
unanimous decision.

Kudos to President Cory Schafer and the ISKA Organization Worldwide, for
teaming up with the Prince to create African and World history, which shows
that the ISKA is truly trying to embrace our African fighters and help the
sport grow within the continent. The opportunity has been warmly accepted
and we are proud of our Prince for living up to the title of Crown
Warrior/Champion of the World.


Language: English

Country: United States


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