QLF Incorporated: Botswana, SOS Children's Villages & Film Annex!

Uploaded on Wednesday 26 March 2014


QLF Incorporated (Quantum Leap Foundation) is partnering up with SOS Children's Villages(http://www.sos-childrensvillages.org/where-we-help/africa/botswana) in Botswana, Africa this June! The Quantum Leap Foundation will be helping SOS raise funds for the renovation of a building that was purchased 2 years ago as a Youth Center, but has not had the chance to be utilized due to lack of funds.

The Quantum Leap Foundation also fully supports Film Annex and their mission to pay people for social media! QLF Incorporated believes in Digital Philanthropy and Bitcoin. Micropayments are creating incentives for learning, writing, creating, community building and leading. We hope you enjoy this short video presentation of QLF Incorporated, Bitcoin for Botswana, and Film Annex! Learn more about QLF Incorporated at http://www.bitconfused.org and get involved in Digital Philanthropy at http://www.bitconfused.org/digital-philanthropy


Language: English

Length: 2:31

Country: United States