Sea Breeze Cafe Food Video

Uploaded on Sunday 5 March 2017


I can't help but share these video clips James, my husband and I had captured while having a two hour lunch buffet at the Henann Resort's in house restaurant named Sea Breeze Cafe. Henann Resort is located in Panglao, Bohol and it is one of the biggest beach and pool resort in the island, well in fact it is the biggest so far.

Anyway, I had also posted a video of the ambiance inside the Sea Breeze Cafe in a separate video post on my profile. Here's the link to the video:

So, this one has been preserved for the foodies only. I originally entitled it as FoodP*rn but bitLanders won't allow that because of the P word.

I was editing this yesterday and I get always hungry while running through the clips. I found the video clips of the Salads, the yummy Chinese foodies and also the grilled stuffs. Plus the deserts! Oh my taste buds are looking for these tasty treats at this time and it is just a sin to do so because I am on a diet.

I also spotted the Thai Noodles too and guess what, the rice seemed to be poking me right now. I realized it was not a good idea to look at food videos at this point when I am on a diet but this is for the sole purpose of documentation though and also sharing to you all how our lunch buffet was.

Hopefully this video had made you a little hungry while watching it. I believe some of you had opened their fridge or went to the kitchen to check what food is available at home. I bet you did that or perhaps you ordered something to satisfy your cravings. I was about to do so but I realized am on a diet.

That's all for now I guess, soon I will be posting my first experience at the UAAP which commenced last two weeks ago.

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