Seattle Experience Music Project 1.3.14

Uploaded on Tuesday 14 January 2014


So I've recently decided to spend some time in Seattle to pursue some creative projects. My best friend Travis and I took a trip to the Experience Music Project museum downtown. This place is unbelievable. The amount of stuff they have collected from famous artists and display there is unreal. There are hand written letters from Kurt Cobain in display cases, an entire Jimi Hendrix section, complete with some of his personal record collection and yes, guitars of his...

There is SO MUCH there... not enough to see it all in one trip. Can't wait to go back.

Used my Canon T5i, 18-55mm, 55-250mm, Final Cut Pro X, Music is by a guy named Steve Fisk who had tracks playing in the museum itself.



Language: Silent

Length: 1:53

Country: United States