Space Tours get award in Cannes at Ifq party

Uploaded on Tuesday 5 July 2011


The New York International Film Festival (NYIFF) honored the Austrian Sci-Fi film “Space Tours - Mission E.V.A” at a special reception during the Cannes Film Festival. Writer/Director Andreas Auinger and cast member Rainer Kantz, who also served as associate producer, were presented with three NYIFF awards for “Best International Feature Film”, “Best Comedy Feature” and the Special Jury Award “Feature Filmmakers to Watch.”
SPACE TOURS – MISSION E.V.A, is a no budget Science-Fiction Comedy. Auinger oversaw most elements of the film including the set, lighting, camera and sound, as well as of the production, editing and visual effects with a budget of exactly zero euro. Viewers are introduced to travel group TUILET TOURISM who are planning a world cruise of absolute superlatives. So it sends the space ship YUZNA into space with a four-man crew and super computer E.V.A. on board to explore vacation destinations no tourist has ever seen before.


Language: English

Length: 7 min

Country: United States