STORIE MOBILI, Racconta e condividi la tua storia: RITA & OLINTO - S.Baldanzi, F.Bondi, L.Sacchetti (interview)

Uploaded on Saturday 13 November 2010


Collecting individual and collective stories to disclose with everyone. Each person’s story is driven by the need to share with others: it’s not only for the benefit of the teller, but also the listener. "Storie mobili" is a project promoted and financed by Unicoop Firenze and Sicrea, and is open to all on a voluntary basis. It is born out of the need to be listened to, the desire for face to face, and the necessity of finding community.
"Storie mobili" is helmed by writer and researcher Simona Baldanzi,
director Federico Bondi and journalist Leonardo Sacchetti.
Screening of the short film "Rita e Olinto".


Language: Italian

Country: Italy