Sunset at Lualhati Park, Coron Philippines

Uploaded on Wednesday 26 April 2017


Last weekend, James, my brother and sister in law went to Coron, Palawan, Philippines for another summer get away. On our first day, we climbed Mount Tapyas for an awesome Sunset experience. Check out the first video I had posted about it:

Then on our third day, James and I went to Coron's Lualhati Park to witness another sunset view and found it more awesome than being in Mount Tapyas. The sun was bigger and the view was more magnificent considering that we were just on the sea level. The boats which were coming into the port are after a day of island hopping and perhaps fishing as well were all adding dramatic effects to the video clips we were taking.

James had taken a time lapse video while I took videos of the people around and the random things happening. It was nice to have two cameras so each of us has the option on what to film and when to do so compared to when we only have one camera.

It was a fun experience walking around Coron and witnessing a beautiful sunset. This moment is indeed my most favorite part of the day as it showcases the wonders of nature, the sun specifically, how it is able to create a drama effect to each one of us, it is also painting a wondrous skyline full of red, orange and yellow colors up above the heavens. This moment here reminded us that our lives have ending in this earth that we can make it beautiful and that it makes us realize to make the most out of our lives, to have a wonderful ending and make others look forward for tomorrow.

Hope you'll enjoy the video. We have a lot of fun filming this, made us really fulfilled that we visited Coron.

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