Temple of Leah

Uploaded on Wednesday 16 November 2016


Busay is an uptown area of Cebu, a hilly area which has a nice over view of the city of Cebu and it has started its own market of tourists after specific number of spots have been created which are not only very well known to the locals but also to tourists, both Filipino tourists as well as the foreign ones.

In this video, I am sharing the clips I had taken while James, my husband and I had a little time after visiting the First Flower Terraces in the Philippines which is also located in Busay. We went there last month and after chilling at Terrazas de Flores for awhile, we thought of passing by to check what has been the changes to the structure since we visited it last time.

I had been to Temple of Leah for quite a few times but then this structure is a huge one that it would require an ample amount of time to finish it. The first time that I had been here, it was still in its first phase of construction.

Temple of Leah was constructed to showcase a love that has passed through time and even death. Leah is indeed a name of a woman and this structure was for her. A physical present from his husband who has been in love with her for years and though he has been left in this world alone now, this structure will leave as a legacy to their family and they were able to share it to the Cebuanos as well.

This time when we visited it, there were great changes, the flooring is completed, there are newly added statues like the center statue plus the lady statues positioned at the edges of the area.

The library is almost done and there are free cottages, tables and chairs too! There's a snack bar this time and most importantly, there's an entrance fee now. That is fine as long as the location is worth it.

So enjoy the show and hopefully this will also encourage you to check the place in case you are nearby Cebu.

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