Terraria V 1.2 - Let's Play - Episode 8 - Spaceman

Uploaded on Friday 7 February 2014


Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Terraria. If you've come here looking for insights, then you are going to be sadly disappointed. I'm really excited to play, but I'm a complete noob. So if you'd like to experience Terraria from what more than likely will appear to be a small child's point of view, then welcome!

Destroying the various shadow orbs caused damaging meteors to crash into our world. We'll have lost some of our biomes, but we'll have a chance to collect some new material. Let go find the meteors.

I would appreciate any advice in the comments. If you enjoyed what you saw, then please let me know. You thumbs up and comments drive me on. And while you are here, why not take a second and subscribe to get all my content.


Language: English

Length: 21:58

Country: Canada