The Art Pack // MOïMOï BALEAPOP

Uploaded on Wednesday 24 August 2011


The Family Stone.
Can we talk about an objective of his friends? Not. Easy to defend the words come alone. It is also necessary only that they are criticized. Honesty is not vitiated when everyone is unanimous: these people have the desire and talent. Two qualities essential for success, regardless of their fields.
They have their own formula: the festival of art, the art of celebration. The emerging arts, period. Plastic music. The festival of colors and family, of course. They are Parisian by adoption, although some have trouble admitting it. However they are Basque, what remains for them a very acquired. They wanted to return to their countries to bring to soft land a festival. Quite simply they are facing and rose-Guethary almost no money, believe it is not the goal-a cultural space opera, halfway between a hippie and a fair meeting in punk Tranxene. Strange but not disturbing. Maybe because sometimes we all need a good shot of balearic, just like that, the better to watch the sea last thing they call "Moimoi." "Hi" in Finnish. Because they like they said "hello" as they say "goodbye". Maybe even probably because these are people who are unable to leave. Ongi etxen Ettori.

achievement /
Alexandre Attal, Victor Lech Pierre Joseph Secondi and Frédérique Vernillet.

translation /
Deborah Aeberhardt

graphics /
Raphael Bajou

thanks /
Family Cornut-Gentille & Family Moimoi.

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Language: English

Length: 6min

Country: France

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