The Dalliance

Uploaded on Wednesday 13 February 2013


Death visits Elliot, a man presumably on his death bead, in his hospital room one dark evening. Death comes in the form of a beautiful woman who is flirtatious yet controlled and elegant.

Elliot asks Death if it is his time to pass on, ultimately wondering if she is there to take him to the other side. Death reassures Elliot it is not his time, asks him how the food is in the hospital, and comforts his pain through holding his hand and flirtatiously bantering back and forth with him. In their banter, Death explains she is here for the individual next door.

Considering it is not his time to go quite yet, Elliot takes a chance and asks Death how much time he has to live. Death is, as usual, vague and unwilling to tell him when she will be back for him.
As the flirting and banter continue, Elliot has a spasm from his sickness, his condition evidently worsening. In his state of pain he confesses his attraction to her and how beautiful she is. Death kindly thanks him for the compliment and continues to comfort him.

The individual next door starts to die, and Death explains it is time for her to go. Elliot thanks her for the comfort; Death responds it’s all a part of her job. As she leaves, she tells Elliot she will see him around.

Elliot fights to stay awake, leaving the question: is he falling asleep or did Death take him with her?


Language: English

Length: 0:40

Country: United States