The Happy Hour Guys visit the premiere of Beer Wars with Kate Shindle!

Uploaded on Tuesday 8 February 2011


Former Miss America Kate Shindle rejoins The Guys for the screening / premiere of Beer Wars , a live event that was carried across the country via satellite on April 16th.

The Documentary by Anat Baron details a no-holds barred look at the beer industry in the USA, in particular the struggle of the small craft beer producers to carve out their spot in a marketplace dominated by The Big Guys. Turns out the Big brewers will do most anything to get in on the kind of growth that the little guys are experiencing.

Will justice be served? Will Kate get any flak for wearing vintage fur in Chelsea? Will Jimmy be able to get them to the after party at Rattle N Hum bar? Here's hoping. Cheers!


Language: English

Length: 3:34

Country: United States