The Man Inside - Trailer

Uploaded on Tuesday 15 October 2013


In ”The Man Inside” we follow French documentarist Goury Karim on his journey to uncover the identity of his father, who is now dead. ”The Man Inside” is the interior exploration of an exterior journey, that began in Karim's former documentary ”Made In Egypt”. In order to understand who his father was, Karim has tried to take his place - in putting himself in a transient situation, in a hotel room in Kuwait, in transit like his father used to live, he wants to question themes such as inheritance and legacy: what is left of his father inside himself, how can he change this legacy? He has therefore used the recording of his father's voice and the letters he wrote from Kuwait so many years ago and sent to his family in Egypt that Karim has been given.


Language: French

Length: 2:13

Country: France