The Pill - Trailer

Uploaded on Thursday 1 March 2012


Trailer for the award-winning NYC rom com The Pill.

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When Fred (Noah Bean) and Mindy (Rachel Boston) drink themselves into a booze-fueled night of passion, things get complicated the next morning when she informs him that she's not on birth control, and for some reason isn't too concerned. Determined not to become a father, Fred spends the day with Mindy to make sure she takes both doses (taken 12 hours apart) of the morning-after pill.

The result is an all day adventure filled with socially awkward situations and untimely roadblocks as Fred struggles to preserve his New York City world in this modern take on the classic screwball comedy. Winning numerous best film and acting awards on the festival circuit, and featuring breakout performances from the two leads, this charming indie romantic comedy examines the immediate ramifications of casual dating in a poignantly funny, fresh, and very honest fashion.


Language: English

Length: 2:00

Country: United States

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