Third Time Swimming with the Whalesharks

Uploaded on Saturday 17 September 2016


Since I am already a registered local of the Municipality of Oslob, I have now a rate of Php50 for their own Whaleshark Swimming along the Barangay of Tan awan. My husband and I had tried this twice and now we are coming back for the third time.

Why would we come here again and again? Well perhaps it is the fact that we have not been able to really grasp the amazing feeling of being able to see a huge fish in front of us and not being harmed at all which I definitely find as amazing.

This experience was still exciting specially whenever I see the huge shadows of this kind of specie. There were more than ten of them at the location when we reached there. That was already ten in the morning and yet these locally called "Tuki" are still visible in the area.

I will be blogging about the experience soon and will be providing some insights on what to prepare and what to expect when coming over to this place.

Enjoy the video guys!

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