This is the Army (1943)

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The film begins in the World War I the musical Yip Yip Yaphank is a great success but during the show, the troop has received its orders to ship off to France, and thus the end number is changed so that the soldiers march through the theater with their rifles and gear and out into the waiting convoy of trucks.
Jones kisses his new bride on the way down the aisle.

In the war, several of the soldiers for the production where killed. Jerry Jones is wounded in France, by shrapnel during a German artillery barrage. He loses the full use of one of his legs, ending his career as a dancer and must walk with a cane, but he is decided to make something more useful to do. Sgt. McGee and Pvt. Eddie Dibble, the bugler survives.

Twenty-five years later, with World War II in Europe, Jones' the son of Johnny enlists in the Army after Pearl Harbor is attacked. He tells his girlfriend that they cannot marry until he returns.
He accepts the order to stage another musical, just as his father did. The show goes on tour around the United States and eventually plays in front of President Roosevelt (Jack Young) in Washington, D.C.. During the show, it is announced that the performance will be in the last night at Washington, D.C. and that the soldiers in the production will be ordered back to their combat units.
Johnny's erstwhile fiancée, who has since joined the Red Cross auxiliary, appears at the show. During the break in the show, she brings a minister and convinces them that they should marry and they do, in the alley behind the theater, with their fathers as witnesses.

Its a very nice production with music and dance and show how are the living of the people and especially the artists on the war and the consequences of that on the life of the characters.


Language: English

Length: 01:54:15

Country: United States

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