Timelapse Collection

Uploaded on Sunday 2 October 2016


With the use of my GoPro, I had been able to take videos underwater and I had been loving it. But one more thing that I love about it is the ability to take time lapse videos. However, I never thought that my husband would be able to do the same with the use of his own mobile phone.

The clips in this video are his own time lapse version using his iPhone and I like the idea of getting a stand for the iPhone and just let it go on and take time lapse video.

In this film, you'll see a time lapse of sunrise when we were in Oslob, another one was a time lapse of the boat docked in a port in Mabini. Then there was one time lapse during our early stay in the sand bar of Lumayag and lastly a time lapse sunset view at hubby's office.

All these I had stitched together with the use of the GoPro Studio. I love to watch time lapse videos because of its action, specially for sunrise, for cloud movement and a lot more, even with just people moving around, it becomes interesting.

Hope you'll enjoy the video as much as I did while editing them.

Copyright 2016 Jean Beltran-Figues. All rights reserved


Language: Music

Country: Philippines