Viola trailer

Uploaded on Wednesday 27 October 2010


Seeking to escape an abusive relationship, Viola comes to America with a dream of starting her life anew, only to be swindled of her life savings.While working for a Jewish baker, she gets a phone call from dead film star, Marlene Dietrich. At first, Viola's convinced it's her new boyfriend, Sam, playing a joke on her, but then she realizes it’s someone else, who is stalking her. The search for that mysterious caller leads to a deeper mystery whose answer will send Viola on a life-changing search for self-discovery. A young woman from Lubeck, A lonely old woman, And a long dead film star… Three souls cross paths. Viola’s life is changed forever. Viola is the touching story about how the unlikely combination of a kindly Jewish baker, a persistent suitor, a dead film star and a lonely old woman help a young woman recover from an abusive relationship and emerge out of the past and into the present.


Language: English

Length: 1.30

Country: United States

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