Uploaded on Monday 2 September 2013


2012 graduate James Parsons was interested in drama after making a successful short in his second year of the media/film production course.

This film is his 3rd drama. With it, he really tried to push the boundaries of a student short film. In short films and students' films, we try to persuade our students not to do heavy dialogue or long films, or films that are set in another country and time period. It can generate issues with the acting, or costumes for example.

With 'Violet', James managed to keep you watching, entertained and enthralled by the conversation and the story.
If you have a spare 20 minutes, please sit back, go to full screen, and enjoy the dark western world of Violet.

Original synopsis for the film: Set in the 1850's of mid-west America a young Irish immigrant is traveling across the country preaching the word of God. He finds himself in a battered stop off point confronted with a disgruntled Sheriff who has had it with the world. The film goes about discovering the opposing beliefs and their similar backgrounds.


Language: English

Length: 18:35

Country: United Kingdom