Uploaded on Tuesday 9 November 2010


Boroka Arva (Julia Urbankovics) has at last come of age and receives a substantial lump sum as part of her home-starter grant. All she wants to do is to be treated like a "real human being" and celebrate her birthday in a luxury hotel with her boyfriend, Janos (Ferenc Hujber), and now she has the money to realise her dream. Life in paradise looks set to come to an abrupt end when the cash runs out and so Janos talks Boroka into providing a little extra room-service to an aging gent (Sandor Lukacs) who suffers an unexpected heart attack at an inappropriate moment. Straight out of care, Boroka, with no money and no options, moves in with her boyfriend who is keen to supplement his income by selling her body to calling clients. Boroka's fate seems set until a local pimp, Ronaldo (Gergo Kaszas), offers Janos a fabulous motorbike in exchange for his devoted girlfriend. The temptation proves too great... Ronaldo takes Boroka and plants her on the verge of a main road in the hope that his newly acquired virtual virgin will pull in plenty of punters. Used and abused by a swift succession of eager takers, she ignores Ronaldo's threats of violence and decides to take her chances on her own. She first bumps into Moric (Attila Toth) filling in a lottery slip who later finds himself with a ringside seat to a chance meeting between Boroka and her pursuing pimp. With nowhere left to go, Boroka accepts Moric's offer of accommodation and moves into his trendy atelier. Their lives take a turn when Moric stumbles across a course on the internet offering marketing training with EU funding to "funny, little whores". The description seems to fit so Boroka decides to take up the challenge...


Language: Hungarian

Length: 107

Country: Hungary