Watch Me WIP: Empty Mermaid [Drawing #9]

Uploaded on Saturday 13 May 2017


Hello everyone! Welcome to my 9th Watch Me WIP drawing and this time I am going to draw again one of my favorite singers, LiSA!

I've written a blog about her. If you want to know her, go to this link:

On this drawing, I am featuring LiSA with some mermaid touch! This look is inspired from her Empty Mermaid video. It's also her 9th single; and surprisingly it's my 9th drawing video too. Coincidence? I think not! Just kidding. It's a real coincidence. It's also just in time for the MerMay trend.(A mermaid drawing on the month of May.) However, the mermaid tail was based from my personal photo when I went to Art in Island. LiSA's pose was also based on my pose. Hehe!

The drawing took me about a half day because I'm slow and, well, amateur. I used several layers, airbush and two kinds of pen for the outline and coloring. Drawing software used is Clip Studio Paint.

Thanks for watching!


"Lightless Dawn" Kevin MacLeod (
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Country: Philippines