Watch Me WIP: Tarina the Witch [Drawing #21]

Uploaded on Monday 2 October 2017


Hello everyone! Welcome to a sudden Watch Me WIP video! Yup, I wasn't planning on doing a drawing this week but I remember the month of October has begun and many artists do an art with mostly black ink for the whole month of October in celebration for the upcoming Halloween. This special month for artists is called Inktober. You can search for this hashtag especially on Instagram.

Moving to my drawing, this is a super quick drawing I made and I can't almost believe that I was able to make it for around thirty minutes. Haha! Yes, congratulations to me!

The little witch girl I drew is an original character of mine and I named her Tarina. I like the name Tarina, as it is not a very common name and it somehow sounds a little mysterious. Don't worry because I might reveal her face next time! I added a pink circle border and also added some designs using the symmetrical ruler to give the drawing a girlish vibe. I also added a circular pink gradient behind the subject to give a glowing effect.

Drawing program used is Clip Studio Paint. Tools used are G Pen, Marker Pen and the Symmetrical Ruler. I drew using a Wacom Intuos tablet.

Thanks for watching!


"Mysterioso March" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Language: English

Country: Philippines