Weekly BuzzScore Overview - Steven Carpenter

Uploaded on Tuesday 8 April 2014


This is an overview of my weekly BuzzScore on Film Annex, between April 1st and April 8th, 2014. You will notice how much my statistics and BuzzScore increase in such a short amount of time. The key in raising your BuzzScore is following a few simple steps to ensure your success with Film Annex.

1. First Step - Upload and share original content on a consistent daily basis. This means you should be microblogging, blogging, uploading pictures and films, and sharing, buzzing, and commenting on other users content and pages.
2. Second Step - Make sure your content is relevant and engaging. The key is quality, not quantity. Make sure you are using relevant titles, detailed descriptions and capturing images with all of your content. This includes microblogs, blogs, films and comments!
3. Third Step - Get other people to join Film Annex with your referral link! This will not only increase your BuzzScore, but you will be generating 20% of their revenues on Film Annex for life! This is an incredible incentive and a great way to profit even more with this incredible Social Media platform!


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