Xcorps 15. RAT - FULL SHOW

Uploaded on Sunday 29 June 2014


Xcorps 15. RAT – FULL SHOW - This Xcorps episode runs fast hot and just inches off the pavement with guest host and gold medal street luger Rat Sult taking our cameras to his secret training hill and then a tour of his X toy filled garage all pumped hard with new music and videos from Rive Video Productions.
Guest host Rat Sult who is known in the industry as a bad assed nice guy has some fun as an Xcorps host giving the lowdown on subjects such as protective leathers and how to roll without burning on a high speed pavement slide. Great shots here with Rat screaming by the cameras at close to 60 MPH on the rural southern California hairpin turns. See gravel fly as he cuts it too close and hits the wall! New hip hop vid from the band Wild Child doing their song ‘Wonder Years’ rolls with the action. After the break Rat returns with some shots from his street luge gold medal wins in the X and Gravity Games. Rat opens a pimpin huge video from our friends at RIVE and SPV Records with the band Monster Magnet rolling out their song ‘Unbroken Hotel Baby’. Interview with band member Dave Windorf after the video. Iconic! Then the luge street action continues with serpentine speed hills 30 miles north of San Diego with some Rat rides and adrenalized onboard POV video pushed by the angst and darkness of RoadRunner Records band SlipKnot letting loose out of control scenes from their new video ‘Duality’. This band set some new standards for sure.
After the dark there comes the light with Rat introducing the band Nickelback and their new video ‘Feeling Way too Damn Good’. Nice film production and effects quality here. Feeling good tune and video. Rat picks up more speed on his custom made billet aluminum street luge leading the cameras to his house in Temecula California and a look at the fun sports toys he keeps in his garage. Remember what the X cams found in Hawaii in surfer Gerry Lopez’s garage in the Xcorps show ‘Surf’? See the Rat Sult collectors edition action sports figure and the special edition Rat Gravity downhill skateboard. Rat also shows off his winning luge rigs and gives a little on the sports history. See what toy he digs most! The show wraps with some great street level speed with rap tunes from Wildchild and the ever gracious Rat Sult thanking viewers for joining him for a look at the dangerous niche X sport of street luge. Additional music by Sappy Bell. See the Action Hear the Music Join the Xcorps!
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Language: English

Country: United States