Xcorps 2. BASE - FULL SHOW

Uploaded on Wednesday 4 June 2014


Xcorps 2. BASE - FULL SHOW - Extreme sports, lifestyles and music roll with this dangerous new episode of The X Corps reaching all the way to Norway with host Ray Murphy BASE jumping off 3000 high cliffs. BASE stands for Buildings Antennas Spans Earth and it is a very dangerous action sport! The show opens with a sunny day at the beach in Santa Monica California with X team hosts Roslyn Bradle and Jason Lazo setting up to test ride the new 'Skate Luge' sit down skate board fitted with the new 'Skatebrake'. Check it out, a new way to stop a skateboard that really works! This episode features a select corps of adrenaline junkies who take jumping from 3000-foot sheer cliffs to a new level of fun, danger and expression. See X Corps host and B.A.S.E. jumper Ray Murphy - a pro skydiver with over 3500 jumps - plummet downward along a water fall at over 120 mph off the sheer cliffs in Kjerag Norway. This area is considered the best B.A.S.E. jump zone on earth. New and unique styles of jumps are shown here including the near fatal 'Throwoff' and the hilariously funny costumed 'Udder Jump'. Dramatic multi camera pre GOPRO POV angles put you there for the big drops backed by music from the Maverick Records band 'One Side Zero'. Girls can jump super big too! See Annie do her back flip off the cliff edge and watch her landing at the bottom. Sweet...what a gal! After that Roz and J intro X Corps 'Gadget Man' Eric "The X Guru" Ducharme who demo rides the very custom and yet unreleased BMW "Streetcarver" skateboard down the hills of Encinitas CA. Yes a skateboard made by the German car company! Sweet and smooth can describe this new board made from actual suspension parts from the car line. See Eric power slide into the camera with tunes and live shots from San Diego bands "Honeybucket" and "Pivit". After that X Corps host Bob Woodard surfaces after sunset in San Diego at the "Chamber" indoor skate park. Bob talks to Osiris pro skater Dave Mayhew and follows some of his moves around the skate zone. Cool camera work and sweet runs around the compact indoor park. Other riders including San Diego local Ray Gauthier help out with the action! Roslyn and Jason wrap the show back in Santa Monica with another ‘Skateluge’ run near the beach followed by a sneak look at an upcoming X Corps episode featuring the next generation of ‘Snow Bikes’. Check your gear before you jump! See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps! 3/2002 TRT-22:11 A J.S.Edmondson Film ©2014 The Xcorps http://XcorpsTV.com/



Language: English

Length: 22:11

Country: United States