Uploaded on Thursday 5 June 2014


Xcorps 3. SNOWBIKE - FULL SHOW The face bending cutting edge action continues on this episode of The Xcorps with a new way to ride the snow - on snowbikes! XC hosts Jason Lazo and Roslyn Bradle open things up from Long Beach, Ca at the 'Celebrity Grand Prix' which gives TV and movie celebs a chance to test their race car skills. Jason of team 'X Corps' is on the track with the POV X cam as he takes a Toyota Celica racer around the Long Beach track at 3 digit speeds! Drivers include celebs like pro wrestler 'Goldberg', 'Star Treks' Patrick Stewart and 'Seinfelds' 'Puddy' character Patrick Warburton who talks about the Long Beach track and his first car. The show then heads to the mountains of Big Bear California where Eric 'Big Air' Ducharme introduces the 'Winter X Bike' and the fresh new sport of snow biking. See the future of the slopes with mountain and BMX bikes easily converted to snowbikes carving down the fall line. Master BMX rider 'Bubba' crosses up some moves like a 'Tailwhip' on snow only 2 hours from LA. Kit inventor Matt Hanson talks about the sport and makes some moves of his own along with veteran X Corps rider Eric Ducharme who rides the fast sbowbikes as well. Currently snowbiking is banned at most U.S. resorts. This will change - it's too much fun and very easy to learn since most know how to ride a bike already! The next show segment is hosted by skater Bob Woodard test riding the new custom "Phat Criuze Board" skate board at scenic Cardiff State Beach CA. Bob goes 'Large' hanging '5 and 10' on this massive fun board and then he talks about the ride. After that it's back to fast cars in Long Beach with Roz and J and more pre Go Pro 'Dash Cam' shots of Jason doing 100mph+ around the track. Hear the tires skid the corners in his turbocharged car. Then it's back to Eric and the first ever 'Snow Bike Freestyle Nationals Race' where 10 riders line up to compete. Wild action POV 'Pack Cam' shots here. See who wins! The show wraps with a ' XC Coming Soon' with clips from such X Sports as 'Dirt Thingz', 'Moto Sk8', 'Mountain Boarding' and 'Powerski'. Music from Fred Croshal at Maverick Records with bands 'Home Town Hero', 'One Side Zero' and the 'Deftones'. Additional music from the San Diego band 'The Naked Ones'. A JSE Film 5/02 Release TRT 22:00 See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps! ©2014 The Xcorps



Language: English

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