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Xcorps 420 Series STORM at MOONLIGHT BEACH HD- Xcorps Action Sports TV is based 25 miles north of San Diego in the small seaside town of Encinitas. In this video a winter storm hits this Southern California town and the locals make the best of it!
This short film is another addition to the XC 420 series with a look at storm scenes at Moonlight Beach shot at 4:20 pm the afternoon of January 18th 2010.

Sound track music from local band MOWER doing their cover version of the legendary 1965 Mamas and Papas hit song California Dreamin.

Two blocks from the Xcorps offices is Moonlight Beach one of the most pristine beaches in SD County. Many surfers rip the waves off this beach but on this date a big El Nino winter storm rolled in hammering the area with some major wind and rain. Surf conditions- blown out and stormy!

As an alternative local surfers hit the nearby STREETS riding a 2-inch layer of rainwater down the hill on 4th street! Having fun is all about adaptation and rolling with whats offered! Just dont wipe out-the pavement hurts!

Check out the spongers doing 360 helicopters down this Encinitas beach neighborhood street with flood stage Cottonwood Creek ripping nearby!

Wild shots as millions of gallons of rainwater runoff roars across the beach and meets the Pacific all framed by a sweet sunset break in the storm!
Just another day in the neighborhood.
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J.S.Edmondson 1/2010
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Xcorps TV is a action sports broadcast format TV show based in San Diego-Encinitas-California. The Xcorps is a journalistic mix of cool hosts and face bending action sports edited with major label music videos!
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Language: English

Length: 3:41

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