Xcorps Action Sports TV #13.) WHEELMAN seg.5

Uploaded on Thursday 13 February 2014


Xcorps 13. WHEELMAN -seg.5- Bending the bounds of sanity this episode of the Xcorps rolls at the viewer at double blink speed with the usual action and music and a look at new products like the rim drive foot motorcycle from Australia called the Wheelman and a new skate board concept called Tierney Rides all tested hard by Xcorps hosts Eric the Xguru Ducharme and Bob Woodard. Jason Lazo opens the show from Southern California's extreme sports zone - Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower. Using props from the film industry this sports park rolls large with vast paintball and skate zones along with BMX tracks, arcades and other sports fun. Eric enters the paint pens armed with a XC digi cam to record his own demise at the hands of local youth. Tunes and film from Rive Video Promotions with the band Benumb shoving back hard. Eric checks out the BMX track with local rider Danny Downey who tears the track and inverts his Haro at will. Music by Outkast in the piece sweetens the moves. After the break Jason intros a new music video from Maverick records featuring the St. Louis band Story of the Year who kick the show up yet another notch! Then Jason opens the title segment with the new motorized foot motorcycle called the Wheelman. Introduced on a previous Xcorps episode the Wheelman is currently being distributed in the U.S. and our Xguru along with Gravity Games street luge champ Rat Sult are the first to ride the new hubless unit off and on road in this crazy segment. Music here by Alien Ant Farm. After that its back to Bob Woodard product testing a new way to skate on a 2 wheeled swivel truck board called Tierney Rides. See Bob roll this board with some snowboard moves on the San Diego Point Loma hills. Cool shots and moves from local rider Marcus on the multipurpose Carve Board along with some insane Tierney video from our friends at 4 Reel Productions in Lake Tahoe. Pennywise, Paul Oakenfold and Ice Cube add their say to the piece. Then Eric returns back at the sports park and talks to inline skater Scooby who tells how long it took to learn his back flip 180. The Rolling Stones and Dr. Dre roll a 'Miss You' remix adding flavor to more paintball carnage and Eric showing nasty welts. Jason closes the shows insanity with pro stuntman and BMX rider Troy Bellinghausen performing a wall slam move. Tune in next week as we roll into season two! Peace Out. Trt-29:30 Seg.3 TRT-3:33 3/04 Release
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