Xcorps Action Sports TV #18.) MTN.BOARD seg.5

Uploaded on Friday 14 February 2014


Xcorps 18. MOUNTAIN BOARD -seg.5- Xcorps host Eri18 Ducharme and 20 other dirt board skaters roll down the infamous Nate Harrison grade on the backside of Californias Mt. Palomar in this grassroots action sports speed driven episode. All terrain skating also known as mountain boarding is a hybrid sport that has taken skating to a whole new grass roots level of adrenalized excitement. Once again Xcorps cameras were the only ones rolling on the action as boarders ripped down the 7 miles of rough fire road on the historic Palomar Mtn which is topped by the famous observatory. Race rules were simple - fastest time to the bottom of the mountain wins. The show opens fast and hot as the X Guru and other boarders strap themselves to their specialized skateboards, which have pneumatic tires, and spring suspensions that help handle the bone jarring washboard ride. Dirt riders roll hard in show scenes backed by Maverick Records band One Side Zero. See the dust and gravel fly as Eric and the guys and one gal- Julian Lewis - slide into the hairpins. Lots of cool POV and multi angle speed shots here along with some brutal wipeouts. Most riders do wear full protective gear resulting in a good chance of survival! . Eric then talks to race organizer Rob Eakle about the grass roots event and the sponsors that make it happen. After that Eric intros a new video from our friends at RIVE with the band Skinny Puppy showing some major break skills in their new video and a song called 'Pro Test' directed by William Morrison. Very hip shot and edited film backed with tunes by a world-class band. Check this vid! The next segment rolls right into another new video from RIVE and Side One Dummy Records with the band Flogging Molly rocking a punk Celtic Core Irish jig called 'Drunken Lullabies'. See band member and pro skater Matt Hensley huck some sweet street skate moves here along with more dirt skate scenes with Eric from Mt.Palomar. Nice dusty wipeouts too! After that the X Guru interviews NHG 7 mtn board 1st place race winner Krazy Kris Kidwell and 2nd place winner pro Akoni Kama who talk about their recent gigs. The show wraps with more dirt skate action from Palomar including 4 year old Damian Hurtenstein showing his young board skills followed by a look at some core dirt board action scenes from the video Flirt With Dirt by Damon Krouse. Additional music by Off By One, Pressure 4-5 and Alien Ant Farm. Dirt boarders rule the dust! TRT-29:30 Seg.5 TRT-3:34
Closed Captioned 10/04
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