Xcorps Action Sports TV #23.) X BIKE seg.3 HD

Uploaded on Friday 6 May 2011


Xcorps Action Sports Show #23.)"XBIKE"-seg.3 HD- This Xcorps action sports episode rips the snow- So Cal style- with guest host Rat Sult and 12 others riding the next wave of snow bikes -the Winter X bike and Slopecycle- on the sunny slopes of Mt. Baldy located only 45 miles from Los Angeles. http://www.mtbaldy.com/
The show opens in Washington D.C at the Lincoln memorial with Xcorps X Guru host Eric Ducharme shooting for an upcoming episode. See what fun unique sport will be featured.
Segment one opens with Eric touring D.C. and throwing it back to California where Rat and a dozen other adrenalized speed junkies are carving down the slopes of the 10,064 foot Mt.Baldy near Upland California on snowbikes. This is the second time the Xcorps cams have focused on this cool new sport-which is allowed only on a select few forward thinking ski resorts here in the U.S. Thanks Mt.Baldy-Robbie Ellingson for your grooviness. The Xcams follow the action POV style with warm spring conditions requiring only T-shirts on the Xbike and Slopecycle riders. See BMX pro Brian Stuart AKA 'Bubba' go insanely big on the Winter X Bike-the new way to slide the slopes. See what it takes to convert any bicycle into a snow bike using the simple kit available at http://www.winterxbike.com/
After the break Rat shows up at the top of Mt.Baldy this time riding a Slopecycle- a new cross up between a BMX bike and a snowboard. http://www.slopecycle.com/ Remember you saw it 1st on Xcorps! Lots of sweet rides and big crashes here edited with a very cool cinematic style music video from the Maverick Records band the Deftones doing their hauntingly powerful song Minerva. Keystone Colorado ski patrol member Josh Thompson talks about what the Slopecycle is all about and how easy it is to ride. After that Prodigy pumps their new song SpitFire with Rat and the X gang carving it up and hucking big! See the biggest crash of the day caught by Xcorps cams with even more action this time cut with a new music video from GoldFinger doing their song Wasted.
Big mosh pit shots here!
The show wraps with Tantric doing their song Breakdown and Bubba stepping up with a few more airborne moves along with a quick look at Eric the XGURU throwing some Disc Golf from the next episode of Xcorps coming soon. Additional music by Stutterfly.
See the action-Hear the Music-Join the Xcorps. TRT-29:30 Closed Captioned
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