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Xcorps #6.) MX seg.4 HD - The X Corps is all about X Sports with this episode called MX a big air look at the sport of freestyle motocross including women! X Corps host Jason Lazo opens things up in Chula Vista Ca at an MTV event called Chiller Beach a mix of X Sports and music featuring the phycho freestyle MX team The Metal Mulisha.
Jason and XC co-host Bob Woodard tour the gig and film rider Mike Metzger hucking his X Games gold winning BACKFLIP. Jason talks with Mulisha rider Brian Deegan - who talks about the sport he helped create and the music that powers his moves. Guess the band? J man also talks to rider Jeremy Twitch Stenberg about this fairly new insane sport.
Next Bob Woodard checks out the 10 story high snow covered vert ramp MTV built for pro freestyle skiers like Boyd Easley and Greg Tufflemire and others who keep things moving. See what they have planned.
After that Bob bumps into the Chiller Girls and we see Metz pull another BACKFLIP officially making the move common. Check out the scene backstage where Jason raps with featured band Off By One- local San Diego boys going big themselves.
The following segment is also MX flavored with sweet XC host Roslyn Bradle meeting Jason at the Lake Elsinore Ca MX park to hang with the first girls of dirtbiking The MX Girls. Lots O- chicks going huge here pulling moves and going big on their 2 strokes. Jason talks with mxgirls.com / sport organizer Michele Johnson who rides fast high and hard for the XC cameras.
Roslyn talks with world class rider Aubriana Dunn who at 18 is only beginning to dominate the sport. See her weightless moves from multiple cameras along with other MX girls riding hard.

After that Jason throws to co-host Eric The X Guru Ducharme as he rides into the shot on a Wheelman foot motorcycle. Remember you saw this rig here first! Eric and MX legend Mike Metzger test ride the new Scream Racer freestyle power scooter. Mike goes HUGE on this thing! See what he thinks of this new product found by Eric and introduced on The X Corps.
Roslyn and Jason wrap the show back with the MX Girls and a short film piece on another legend Geremy Mcgrath tearing the track for the XC cameras.
Music powered segments by the Deftones, Slayer, Disturbed,
5 South and Off By One. As always Go Big or Go Home!
TRT-29:30 Closed Captioned
Created by J.S.Edmondson 12/02
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