Xcorps Music Special Heidi and Frank SOGFEST seg.2

Uploaded on Monday 6 January 2014


Xcorps Music Special - Heidi and Frank SOG FEST – seg.2 - The X cam crew rolls to Los Angeles California to check out the SOG FEST - Stay or Go - music scene at the new Jon Lovitz comedy club in North Hollywood California Universal Studios City Walk where 5 distinctly different bands took the stage to blow a mix of styles toward a sold out and very enthusiastic crowd filling the JL PODCAST theatre club to capacity!

Xcorps guest host Buck Star, a self made comic himself appearing on the Last Comic Standing TV series, reports from the venue to interview some of the bands who performed during the night as well as the comedians and judges.

Also appearing on stage for some raucous fun were the comedic LA radio personalities Heidi Hamilton and Frank Kramer of Heidi and Frank fame and now the online podcast radio website Toad Hop Network.

In this XC video report Buck talks to top LA radio personalities Heidi Hamilton and Frank Kramer about their BIG air wave to web moves and the attendance breaking night here at the Jon Lovitz comedy club and the concept behind the SOGFEST musical event. Shots and tunes from the bands Drunk In The Garage, Delta Rose and Otherwise also appear in the segment.

Stay tuned for more Jon Lovitz Comedy Club segments as well as Heidi and Frank TOADHOP segments here on The Xcorps where buck talks to some of the bands appearing all part of the SOGFEST brought to you by the Heidi and Frank Show.

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