Xcorps Music TV Presents Bayou Brothers Zydeco Blues

Uploaded on Monday 17 February 2014


Xcorps Music TV Presents Bayou Brothers Zydeco Blues - With a sound straight out of Louisiana's dance clubs, bayou festivals and backyard crawfish boils, the BAYOU BROTHERS will rock you right on into "Fat Tuesday" with their extensive experience and endless enthusiasm to deliver a rousing, rollicking, heart thumpin', foot stompin' musical gumbo y'all won't soon forget!

Start with a blend of accordion, keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and rubboard, add three-part harmonies, mix it up with a lot of rockin' Zydeco, blues, R&B and that great Mardi Gras sound, toss in dazzling showmanship and a big old dance floor and you get the hot, spicy musical jambalaya that IS the BAYOU BROTHERS!

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A J.S.Edmondson Film
Produced by Judy Seid.
TRT-6:49 2 /2014


Language: English

Length: 6:49

Country: United States