Xcorps Music TV Presents Jay Z Hol’Up - A Rap Performance by Louie St.Claire!

Uploaded on Saturday 4 October 2014


Xcorps TV and RIVE promotions presents Louie St.Claire - This is a creatively edited music video by director Charles Frisby and it's a cool Hip Hop tunes as well!
Xcorps is HAPPY to present this FUN ASSED RAP video to our viewing audience! This hip-vid is a musical and visual trip thanks to St.Claire’s musical and on screen camera talents!

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV features Jay Z Hol’Up - A Rap Performance by Louie St.Claire!

Mr.St.Claire is an emerging multi talented musical artist from Orlando Florida performing the fully justified RaP tune – Jay Z Hol’Up. - So What!

Director Frisby does a SUPER job shooting and editing this ViD! The edits are as cool as the tunes!
So stay tuned to Xcorps TV for - Hit 'em with the Jay Z Hol' Up!

Excuse me sir could you please Hol’ Up!? Hol’Up… Thanks Louie for Joining TheXcorps!

Stay Tuned for more cool contemporary Xcorps Music video releases from RIVE promotions.
See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!

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