Xcorps PIVOTHEAD Mountain Bike Action with BLACK OXYGEN

Uploaded on Sunday 2 September 2012


Xcorps PIVOTHEAD Mountain Bike Action with BLACK OXYGEN – This Xcorps TV special release is all about great new music live on stage from a Kansas City rock band named Black Oxygen along with some scenic and wild downhill mountain bike action from Big Bear California shot with the very cool new PIVOTHEAD sunglass POV HD video camera system!
Xcorps guest host Buck Star reports from Moonlight Beach Encinitas Ca - Xcorps home base - wearing a pair of the brand new PIVOTHEAD sunglasses that also function as a super fun and easy to use pro-spec HD video camera system! Buck, also a pro mountain biker, tested out this killer new POV camera ripping trails at Snow Summit mountain resort up at Big Bear Ca. In this Xcorps show segment Buck’s POV bike footage rolls with RIVE promoted band Black Oxygen live at a KC outdoor concert jamming their song “Escape The Pain” to the mega crowd! This concert took place at this years 2012 ROCKFEST music gig in Kansas City Mo USA.

This Xcorps Action Music special is hosted by the multi talented TV personality Buck Star, who also likes riding downhill mountain bikes!
Buck intros this video segment from Xcorps BASE camp - the idyllically beautiful Moonlight beach in Encinitas Ca and demos the wildly cool and easy to use Pivot Head sunglass video camera available in many different styles and colors. The FUN factor is you really can’t tell these shades are a camera that shoots HD! Just a small hole for the lens in the middle of the glasses are the only visible hint with a high stealth factor which can result in some VERY wild point of view video that can be easily uploaded to the web!

Cutting the EDGE with MUSIC ACTION and new fun STUFF!
Stay tuned for more sick and twisted footage from TheXcorps shooting with the new PIVOTHEAD sunglass camera!
Thanks to RIVE video and Black Oxygen for the great new music!
The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
A J.S.Edmondson Film
©2012 The Xcorps


Language: English

Length: 6:12

Country: United States