Xcorps TECH Presents CreateAsphere JVC GY-HM650 Camera

Uploaded on Friday 4 January 2013


Xcorps TECH Presents CreateAsphere JVC GY-HM650 - TheXcorps shoot team recently reported from CreateAsphere - a cool entertainment industry tech convention held Nov.7-8 2012 at the Burbank Marriot in LA. This Film/TV industry technology eXpo offers conferences and seminars to learn all the new trade tricks and is also where all the new Hollywood shoot cameras and support gear shows up for display and sale!
Monster file cameras used in recent mega-millions films were there at the booths along with all that’s new and cool in editing, storage, lighting and sound technology currently available and powering the world entertainment industry! In this segment Xcorps Tech focuses on what JVC had to offer in Run N Gun!
Hosted by Jason Lazo reporting from Burbank California.

Xcorps TV is a fast moving journalistic style action sports and music production which is why we focused on the JVC GY-HM600 and GY-HM650 model HD cameras, choosing them by far as THE Run N Gun style HD video camera and BEST SHOOT GEAR of choice! This JVC camera is a sleek rugged video gun made for fast guerrilla style shooting in the field!

This new JVC erfect for eXtreme ACTION SPORTS and journalistic NEWS image acquisition -- an arena that Xcorps is very familiar with! These cameras have plenty of lens power by Fujinon 29mm-667mm (35mm) -- performing super well even in low light conditions! These specs along with other super NEW TECH options including duel codec recording and auto FTP video file upload makes this the camera of choice for Xcorps TV and its Action Lifestyle audience!

Jason Lazo interviews JVC PRO front man Dave Walton who demos the just released HM650 camera with a WiFi-FTP upload of this Xcorps TV shoot LIVE to the JVC web server! Impressive! Check it out!

About Creatasphere -- Kristin Petrovich founded the HD EXPO in 2001 and transitioned this exhibition into Createasphere in 2009. Createasphere is a global community builder for the entertainment technology industry, advancing technology and careers through Expos, Conferences, and online offerings.

Stay tuned for more XC TECH special segments from Createasphere as well as other TECH industry exhibitions around the world!
Music by Angelo Marruzzi.
Special Thanks to Dave Walton and Alicia Reed at JVC along with Rodney Miller at Draycast lighting in this production.
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