Xcorps Theme Song and ROAD TOUR Series Promo Trailer PROMO

Uploaded on Thursday 29 December 2011


Xcorps Theme Song and ROAD TOUR Series PROMO - Xcorps Action Sports TV 48 and 49.) ROAD TOUR – THEME SONG - Rolling into a new TV season team X launches a fresh wave of assaults upon the lame and mundane by shooting a massive coast to coast Road Tour across the USA stretching from Boston to San Diego! Check out the shots from the video of the effects of fatigue on the mind of driver and show host Jason Lazo as he pushes the no sleep endurance record across America!
Music : Xcorps Theme Song by Jason Lazo.
A J.S.Edmondson Film
TRT-1:07 12/2011

The Xcorps is a fast paced half hour journalistic action sports TV news and music mediazine created by Stuart Edmondson in August of 2001. The show with over 53 completed episodes currently airs nationally on broadcast, cable and satellite TV as well as 100 online video sites and focuses on non traditional action sports edited to emerging cool music videos and hosted by a adrenalized talented team who ARE The X Corps!
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Language: English

Length: 1:07

Country: United States