Xcorps TV Music Presents Nive Nielsen and The Deer Children

Uploaded on Tuesday 14 January 2014


Xcorps Music Presents Nive Nielsen and The Deer Children - This video is a compilation of video clips shot soon after sunrise 4-26-2011 near the Malibu Pier in California. This is a nature film capturing the scenic beauty of the Malibu coastal zone featuring the prehistoric looking California Brown Pelican. The music track on this film is from a talented yet relatively unknown Eskimo girl from Greenland named Nive Nielsen performing with her band The Deer Children the song 'Room'.

Nive Nielsen and The Deer Children --
Nive Nielsen and The Deer Children are from Nuuk Greenland a country of 56,000 total inhabitants where their album has sold a massive 4500 copies, which is very good!
So far their recordings including the album 'Nive Sings' have only been released in Greenland though word of her talents and smooth tunes have circled the global web.
Greenland's Nive Nielsen and The Deer Children, featuring band members Jan De Vroede, Tom Pintens, Tim Van Den Bergh, Filip Wauters, Lisa Gamble and Dagobert Sondervan.
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4/2011 J.S.Edmondson
Girlie Action - http://www.girlieaction.com/
NIVE: http://www.myspace.com/nivenielsen


Language: English

Length: 4:37

Country: United States