Young, Dumb and Full of Love

Uploaded on Wednesday 24 November 2010


A film about sex, love and youth. What happens, if a teenage boy meets the woman of his dreams? The woman is a little bit older, a little bit married and a little bit unfaithful – but hey, nobody’s perfect! The main thing is, she exists; you can see her, you can touch her, sometimes she even seems interested, so you have to get her, no matter what.
Only it’s not as simple as that. Your great plans become great disasters. Meanwhile, there’s a jealous husband, a nerve-wrecking lover, a paternalistic janitor, a bashful paddle-boat lender and a girl, who may deserve a lot more attention than the „dream woman” herself. And the questions; what is more important - sex or love? How far should you go to fulfil your dreams? And just how do you use a luminescent condom… This movie will search for all the right answers!


Language: Hungarian

Length: 88 min

Country: Hungary