Alternative way to earn BTC from solo mining

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Hello guys, did any of you tried this? cloud hashing or cloud mining, I've started with bitcoin way back Oct of 2013, used the multibit as my offline wallet, been to website that stores your bitcoin earning but they are the apple of the eye of hackers and luckily I was one of the victim them, so before I get lost to my topic, as we all know, bitcoin is not new to everyone as a matter of fact there are even ATM who uses bitcoin from Canada for withdrawal, investing from hardware for mining bitcoin has a high a lot of potential loss of investment and they don't guarantee a success most especially from this time which add up the difficulty of hashing, investing for about $1000+ and it will never break or even as they said, so another way to experience this earning with bitcoin is cloud hashing, without having to invest in hardware, electricity, there are website who offers this kind of service. They offers contract of per year I even got the contract for 1 year for only $15.99 with the promo.  Sign-up and leave everything to them, you will be paid weekly or daily or even monthly. Even I invested to this websites, I remember the last quarter of 2013 which raised the value of BTC to almost $1000, so December is near again and we'll see what will happen. Enjoy earning bitcoin guys!!!

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