Artificial Intelligence: Introduction to Amazon Web Services

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Amazon Web Services is considered the best in terms of cloud services. Millions of customers around the world rely upon Amazon Web Services or more commonly known as AWS to handle their businesses in the online field. Gone were the days when companies and businesses rely on the external hard drive for the safekeeping of their important files. 

If you have been continuously exploring the online platform for some time, you will realize that there are really a lot of amazing things in this world. Things that we don't even know exist. The world is full of wonders that are just waiting to be discovered in order to know its benefits. One of these things is CLOUD or CLOUD COMPUTING.



For sure, you will find your friends and associates raising an eyebrow when they hear you say, that your business is in the cloud. What exactly is cloud or cloud computing?


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The word cloud was used as a metaphor for the Internet and a standardized cloud-like shape was used to denote a network on telephony schematics




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We are aware that data is a vital element in everything we do most especially in business, jobs or pursuits that we consider as a source for our daily living. These data are our lifeblood and we have to consider keeping these files in the safest place possible. While using an external hard drive or hard drive disk might help in the short term, the reliability of these hardware drives might result in our data to being compromised in the long run. 

After continuous research and technological advancement, big companies have found a solution. The use of Cloud Services


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Since cloud storage is being done using remote servers or known as clouds, you have no worries that your data might be damaged through wear-and-tear or any unforeseen calamity both natural and man-made. While a hard drive has physical attributes that might be damaged, a cloud platform has back-ups which can allow you to access your data. This property of the system is known as Fault Tolerance. Or in simple words, even if there may be some failure in some areas of the system, it may continue to operate instead of total breakdown.

Additionally, Being in the cloud also means that you can access the data through different devices as long as there is an internet connection. One simple example is the use of DropBox or Google Docs where you can access your files even if you don't have the original device you used to upload the files or documents. 


I already mentioned in my previous post that Amazon is a great company and among the top four companies that is rocking the online platform. Additionally, I also mentioned that Amazon is using Artificial Intelligence in almost all its products and services. 

At this juncture, we will look into some of the services being offered by AWS. It is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform and it has more than 165 fully-featured services from data centers globally services. Allow me to share this information with you through this C-Blog powered by Querlo.


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Join me and let's explore more about AWS:

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In today's business, relying on our own equipment and personal storage may not be enough. We need to make use of a more advanced form of a platform like Amazon Web Services for our data and files management. 

I hope you learned some worthwhile information through this c-blog. If you find this content, helpful, please share so that others may know.

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