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                    I noticed some of the users are not reading the FAQS section in "How to Write a Blog?". So, I made this blog in order for everyone to know what is the proper way in writing blogs and also to help everyone in increasing their BUZZ SCORE

Here's a glimpse in the FAQS section on Writing Blogs:


                   Those Bold Words are all very important in making blogs and I will not explain it further, but I would like to emphasize on a few things.

  • Links: In tagging links you can use words, sentences, or even pictures, but you must highlight it first, then click the "insert/edit link" option in the upper right corner just below the "Language" section.

NOTE: The ENCIRCLE option in the picture is the "Insert/Edit Link" option

and this image will pop:

  • Text: it was emphasized above that a blog must:

    1. have at least 2-3 paragraphs.

               So what is a paragraph? A paragraph can consist of one or more sentences according to Merriam-Webster but to make a high quality blog you must have 3-4 sentences in a paragraph.

    2. be Grammatically Correct

                For those who find it difficult, here's a link to help you check your grammar.

  • Originality: Blogs that are copied from other websites (if you are not the author) will be rejected and considered as duplicated content (FAQS)


NOTE: You can post your articles/blogs on bitLanders from other websites (if you are the author or owner) by providing a link from the original source in your blog so that bitLanders will know it is not a duplicated content as mentioned in the FAQS.

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