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It has been more than 20 days since I have joined Film Annex. It has been a wonderful journey since then as I am enjoying every bit of it. I am having a real fun posting my thoughts in the form of blogs, posting my experiences in the form of videos and my photography and painting skills in the gallery section. And the most wonderful part is that I have starting earning also!!

I am thankful to Film Annex that it has given me a platform to express my thoughts and at the same time help me in getting some revenue in return. I am sure there are thousands of users of Film Annex who would also feel thankful because it has given them an opportunity for earning. But have anybody thought why is Film Annex paying them?? It’s because Film Annex wants its users to write original and good content. By original I mean not copying from Google or any other sources of the internet. And by good content I mean useful and valuable content that is useful for other users. Moreover it should be creative in nature.

Friends, I want to share one small piece of information with you that within 20 days I have earned my first voucher with the help of which I fulfilled the demands of cosmetics of my wife. So thanking you Film Annex once again.

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