What Could Have Happened Next? (Part2)

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Without warning, the door banged open.

So much for being alone with the most handsome guy in Ey's bedroom.

Ey's 8 yr old nephew and 5 yr old niece sauntered into the room.

Kids, really.

Jo In Sung slumped back on the bed and huffed. Ey dropped her head on her arm that rested on the bed. They both exhaled heavily as though they lost a bet.

Kids just messed around in her bedroom. So the two just messed with them. Until finally it was time's up. The nephew pulled the niece towards the door. Jo In Sung unmistakably took it as their departure. They were finally leaving them alone! "Out you go," he whooshed.

The door closed painstakingly slowly.

Instantly the duo jumped back on the bed. But Ey rolled off of it and flopped down on her spot earlier. Her butt landing smoothly on the cold tiled floor.

Suddenly, firm arm wounded around her. Her head turned sideways. Only an inch of space between their noses.

She almost gasped. Why was he so panty-droppingly handsome with that smirk?

"Fancy some selca?" he raised a brow. His smile never left his pale face.

Finally! Ey squealed inwardly.

Was he seriously taking a selca with her half-naked? Her cheeks flamed. She was already picturing her first coupley selca in her head.

Of course, for a hallucination, everything was very rational. Ey felt around her and only found her fluffy teddy bear. She groaned. SERIOUSLY A TEDDY BEAR?!

Every girl's dream is to have a happily ever after with her prince charming or  knight in a shining armor.

Maybe this was this. Of course, it was only a dream. I squeezed my eyes tightly, too afraid to open them. But this was reality.

Why did it have to end right on the good part?! Dem it!

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